Change membership type

How do I change my membership plan?

If your payment type IS NOT changing (example, currently paying by credit card and new membership will be on a credit card)

  1. Go to your account profile
  2. Click on "change plan"*
  3. Select your new plan from the dropdown list
  4. Add/update your payment information and complete your transaction

If your payment type IS changing (example, currently paying by credit card and want to pay by check, or vice versa), please email support for assistance.

Important notes

  • *If you are a legacy member, you will not see the "change plan" option in your account. Please email support to change your plan
  • If you are changing in the middle of a billing cycle, you will see a prorated payment amount for your first payment on the new plan. (This proration reflects a credit for the unused portion of your existing membership.)
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