Guest contributions

Do you accept guest contributions?

Thank you for your interest in writing for CodingIntel. 

Can you take a complex coding concept and explain it clearly? Do you enjoy writing tip sheets? Can you see yourself writing in-depth, multi-page coding guides? If you answered yes to these questions, we invite you to submit a 300-500 word writing sample (or tip sheet) for publication. If we select your piece, we’ll contact you to discuss edits and payment before we publish it. 
While you are welcome to submit an article about topics we cover frequently, we welcome submissions that expand our breadth into other specialties. Submission should address coding topics that are within the scope of CodingIntel. Visit our Site Map for a list of topic areas.
Outline of agreement for writers
  • The writer will be an independent contractor, not an employee, responsible for paying their own taxes and not eligible for benefits.
  • The work will be a work for hire, and CodingIntel will hold the copyright. Submissions must be original content to which the writer has the authority to assign copyrights.
  • The writer will be listed as a guest author at the end of the article, unless the author prefers not to be named.
  • CodingIntel maintains the right to edit articles and determine where on the site articles are placed. 
  • While there is no obligation to write additional content, the author is encouraged tosubmit additional articles for review. Citation rich articles appreciated.
  • Compensation information can be provided upon request.
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